I have known Ken in excess of 5 years as a businessman and close associate.  I can honestly say without reservation that Ken always presents himself professionally with a degree of integrity rarely seen these days.  As a politician and community organizer, Ken thinks outside the box, has a positive attitude in the midst of confusion, and has the common sense to work through any all obstacles with creativity and intellect.

Ken's people skills are absolutely incredible.  He always has the time for a hello, a kind word, or in depth conversation.  He just understands-- Ken Gets It!  The most impressive trait that is transparent as the waters off Miami, is Ken's commitment to whatever endeavor is at hand.  Whether it be to family, business, or community issues, he's All the Way In.

Miami needs a man of Ken's abilities, confidence, knowledge, dedication, and honesty.  I am proud to have Ken as a friend.

Jim Mowatt, Customer and Business Associate