Endorsements & Testimonials

Because of his analysis and his commitment to inclusive Community Benefits Agreements, dedication to end all forms of discrimination against women and members of the LGBTQ community in the city and his unwavering commitment to support and uplift the residents of the historic West Grove, we believe that he is the best candidate for District 2 and are confident in the progress towards racial justice that will take place under his leadership.
— The New Florida Majority
The most impressive candidate is a newcomer. Mr. Russell comes to the race through the kind of activism — that of an aggrieved resident — that has launched a thousand political careers.

The Herald recommends Ken Russell for the Miami Commission, District 2.
— Miami Herald
I am delighted for the chance to support Ken Russell, an outstanding young family man who cares about the quality of life in our community.
— Gwen Margolis, Senator
I am supporting Ken Russell because he is a fair and level minded person who can make good decisions for the city.
— Maurice Ferré, Former Mayor
I believe in Ken and I think he can bring meaningful reform to a city that desperately needs it.
— Dick Pettigrew, Former Senator and Speaker of the House
There’s something about Ken. He is a fresh face with all the right tools to bring about a culture change within City Hall. Ken has strong ethics and the leadership qualities to bring others on side.
— Daryl Jones, Former Senator
We believe that Ken Russell is the best candidate who will offer concrete solutions on issues: affecting workers and their hardworking families, smart urban growth like development and traffic, and climate change and the environment. Ken is also committed to collaborating with Miami residents and those that represent them to make Miami a city that works for the people.
— South Florida AFL-CIO
Ken cares about the well-being of the City of Miami and its residents. His dedication and commitment to the City is an example of his leadership skills and ability to work with the residents.
— Miami Association of Fire Fighters
We’re lucky to have someone like Ken Russell. He’s a thoughtful, caring and an intelligent man. He will truly become an excellent public servant.
— Hank Klein, Former Board Member, Miami Downtown Development Authority
Miami government has typically been managed through cronyism and deceit. The electorate has grown accustomed to this and apathy has been the only way to cope. Ken Russell enters this environment as a breath of fresh air. Ken is a rational, logical thinker with an interest in doing what’s right by Miami. Most importantly, Ken is a businessman and an outsider without ties to the ‘Miami machine’.
— Jeffrey Hicks - Entrepreneur and philanthropist
I met Ken Russell through his charitable work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters. He has a long standing influence in the paddling and kite surfing community. Ken loves Miami and is a prime candidate for political office in Miami: I believe that his strength and character combined with his love for the community will help to make for a stronger Miami. He is also a pretty decent ukulele player.
— Corey Campbell, Freelance Journalist / Writer at the Miami Herald
Ken’s innate business sense will benefit Miami fiscally. His strength of character will inspire the community
— Diane Towry, former co-worker
Ken Russell has always made himself available to help me with charitable events benefitting local schools, animal causes, and at risk youth mentoring. But he doesn’t just make a donation— he always gets involved, shows up and helps organize. Miami will be a better city with Ken as a Commissioner.
— Shawn Crews, Orange Bowl Committee Member
I know that Ken will be the eyes, ears, and voice of his community. He will listen and make decisions that benefit the many and not just the few
— Dr. Mark Baum, former Fire Board Member
Been working with Ken for years. He runs his business with the customer front and center. His moral compass was tested many times over the years, and we can always say we were proud to partner with him. He will serve your community well.
— David Wells, Wholesale Customer, Owner of 101 Surf Sports