What I'm planning to do in office.  I'm not your typical politician.  I'm your neighbor.  I'm an entrepreneur.  I'm a father.  I got involved with Miami politics when I learned that the City had dumped toxic waste in the park in front of my home with no intention of removing it.  I gathered 150 neighbors and convinced the City to remove more than 2500 tons of soil laced with lead and arsenic.  In doing so, I learned about the function (and dysfunction) of local government.   I also learned that less than 6% of the residents in my district vote.  I want to get involved and wake up the City.  I want to help manage Miami like a proper business that encourages smart growth while expanding green space, improving traffic, and valuing happy employees and police officers.  I want the residents to breathe easy, knowing that their government is open and collaborative.  I want to do this because I Love Miami.

Why am I Qualified?  I believe that an experienced business person skilled in communication, negotiation, and management is very well equipped to be a successful and effective Commissioner.  An entrepreneur knows how to listen to the needs of the people and find creative ways to meet those needs.  I've always held a business philosophy of building relationships through collaboration.  Below are a few of the key issues on our plate.