Russell (who else?) takes Miami District 2 Commission election

by David Smiley

Once underfunded and overlooked, Ken Russell was told he only needed one vote Tuesday to win Miami’s powerful District 2 commission seat. He received 2,700, ending what will surely go down as one of the most convoluted elections in Miami history with an exclamation point.

“Despite the big names, despite the big special interests, a yo-yo playing surfboard salesman was somehow able to become your commissioner,” Russell said during a victory speech at the Grove Spot Tuesday night that began with an emphatic “whooo!” and ended with two hands flashing rock-n-roll signs as AC/DC’s Back in Black began to play. “Money and special interests didn’t elect me, you did. So I can promise they won’t guide me, you will.”

Russell, who was outspent roughly five times over by Sarnoff leading up to the general election, said it’s likely he’ll be sworn in Nov. 25, the earliest he can be placed into office for his four-year term. He told the dozens who attended his election party — including Mayor Tomás Regalado and Commissioner Francis Suarez — that he’s dreaming of transportation solutions, extra green space and a more ethical and collaborative government.

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