MIAMI -- In anticipation of a run-off election for the District 2 seat in the city of Miami commission, District 4 commissioner Francis Suarez and his wife Gloria are pleased to announce their endorsement of candidate Ken Russell.

"I'm honored to endorse Ken Russell in his candidacy for District 2 commissioner," Commissioner Francis Suarez said. "Ken exemplifies the new Miami, a city that emphasizes mass transit solutions, repurposing urban spaces to increase viable parkland and a focus on improving our residents' quality of life."

"I look forward to working with Ken," Suarez added.

The endorsement from Commissioner Suarez is the latest from a sitting elected official in Miami-Dade. 

While an unofficial concession has been offered by Russell's opponent in the upcoming contest, the election is still legally on. The campaign is asking voters who have requested absentee ballots to check their mailboxes for a fresh form, fill it out, and mail it in.