By Jesse Vasquez

May Contribution Totals Show Ken Russell Moving Into Second Place

May was a big month for the Ken Russell campaign. Events were held, mass walks were had, and signs began popping up all over Coconut Grove. The campaign has gotten stronger with each passing week and last month’s contribution records appear to indicate that Ken is quickly becoming the biggest threat to a third Sarnoff term.

Ken Russell finished with $22,925 last month. That’s nearly $8,000 more than he raised in April and $20,000 more than he raised in March. $15,000 came in the form of a loan to the campaign, while the remaining $7,925 came through individual contributions. Meanwhile Grace Solares’ fundraising totals appear to be on the decline. She has had two straight months of declining contribution totals and was only able to rake in $15,644 this month, placing her in third for the month.

“I’m really excited about how our campaign has grown these last few months,” said Ken Russell. “When we first started, we met a lot of people who wanted something different, but couldn’t really see anyone challenging the Sarnoff regime. We’ve been able to change that perception these last few months and we’re excited to see so many people in this community rally behind this campaign. We’re getting stronger with each passing day and the Sarnoffs are quickly realizing their third term isn’t going to come without a fight.”

The Sarnoffs thus far have been somewhat of a fundraising machine. A first time candidate, Teresa Sarnoff has tapped into her husband’s network of developers to bankroll her candidacy. At this rate, the Sarnoffs are expected to raise close to a million dollars in special interest money by the end of the campaign. As campaign season kicks into full gear this summer, it will be interesting whether these candidates continue on their current trends.