by Jesse Vazquez

This past Saturday, Ken and his supporters came out in droves for a mass walk throughout the District. Brandishing new t-shirts and carrying signs and bumper stickers, Ken’s team rallied the community to take to the streets in an effort to reach out to voters in the District.

“I’m always inspired by the passion of the people of this community,” said Ken Russell. “This election will be a turning point for our city. We will decide whether we move forward into the 21st century or stay stuck and mired in the Sarnoff Era. I’m glad that so many people in this community realize the importance of this election and want to help us make a difference”.  

As election season kicks into full gear, we will be holding many more mass walks and community events over the next few months. If you would like to get involved and learn more about how you can help us bring change to local government.