Ken Russell is Gaining Momentum as the Clear Challenger to Mrs. Sarnoff 

Teresa Sarnoff, Marc Sarnoff, Ken Russell

Until the votes are counted, there are a few ways to measure how an election is sizing up.  One way is to follow the money.  It's sad that cash plays such a large role in politics, but let's face it; It's not always the best message that wins.  Sometimes it's the loudest.  And whoever has enough money to communicate their message may have the best chance of winning over voters.

Take a look at the cash contributions for the month of June as reported by the City of Miami Electioneering Department.  Sarnoff leads, with over $30k raised for the month.  This is no surprise based on the relationship between big developers and her husband, current Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.  Newcomer Ken Russell is on her heels though with nearly $22k. Grace Solares was in a distant third with only $4k.  Russell attributes his momentum to a grass-roots effort and support from neighbors throughout the district.  Ken also launched a $10k TV ad campaign to help generate more awareness and support.  Even though five months out from an election is very early for TV, the move paid off for Russell, spurring an article in the Miami Herald and a flood of contributions.

Russell was very encouraged, stating, "People are calling for for a culture change in city hall. They are looking to support an ethical leader to make it happen.  The Sarnoff era is coming to an end.  I'm very thankful for the contributions from people who want to offer their vote and their financial support to help me become the next Commissioner."

Contributions from $1 to $1000 can be made at the Ken Russell Miami website.