It's been a great week for the campaign. I'm very grateful to everyone who has helped us reach new milestones and gain momentum. The big news was a surprise appearance by former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre at our Garden Party fundraiser in Coconut Grove.  Ferre joins many elected officials from Senator Gwen Margolis to Speaker Dick Pettigrew who have also endorsed me.  

Maurice is famous as Miami's first Hispanic Mayor and has done so much for the community over the years.  His concentration these days is on finding transit solutions for Miami.

But why would these political heavyweights take an interest in this race, and why would they support me, the relative newcomer?  I had not met them before my campaign began.  Their backgrounds and parties are varied.  We have no family or political connections. They do not owe me any favors, and they expect nothing in return.  

 The Russell and Ferre Families: (Left to Right) Julia, Juliana, Ken, and Eva Russell.  Mercedes and Maurice Ferre.

The Russell and Ferre Families: (Left to Right) Julia, Juliana, Ken, and Eva Russell.  Mercedes and Maurice Ferre.

The answers are varied as each endorsement has been for a different reason.  I reached out to each of them as they are accomplished in government and the community.  While all of us may not agree on all issues, here are some of the reasons that they have chosen to support me.  Some are looking for ethical reform in Miami and believe I can help lead that charge.  Others believe that my fresh perspective and business background can have a good effect.  Others believe that my strong family and community roots will improve quality of life issues in Miami.

Mayor Ferre gave a unique endorsement.  We met once at a meeting about traffic gridlock downtown.  I later met his wife and son when I was knocking doors.  I then called him for his advice on transit solutions.  He wanted to be clear that he is not against anyone.  He likes to endorse someone that he believes in for a positive reason.  In his speech, Ferre said, "I am supporting Ken Russell because he is a fair and level minded person who can make good decisions for the city."  He then rallied the audience at the garden party to each find ten friends and convince them to vote and to support the campaign in any way they can.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to support me as well.  I am the underdog challenger, up against the incumbent money machine.  With your help, I can communicate my message and win the election.  Please click here to contribute to the campaign.

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