Miami New Times

Miami Will Hold An Election In District 2, But Votes For Teresa Sarnoff Won't Be Counted

by Kyle Munzenrieder

People who are cynical about American democracy claim that your votes don't matter and that elections are actually determined by the moneyed elite. Yet Ken Russell, who just last year was merely a citizen concerned about toxic soil in his local park, will be Miami's next District 2 commissioner. He beat Teresa Sarnoff, the well-connected wife of the term-limited incumbent Marc Sarnoff who managed to raise a war chest that dwarfed those of her competitors. 

However, the irony is that Russell's ultimate win will become official in an election that actually won't matter at all. According to a legal opinion from the City Attorney's Office, yes, Miami will hold a runoff election, but votes for Sarnoff won't be counted. 

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