Miami New Times

Edgewater Building Implosion Startles Residents, Shoots Debris Into Biscayne Bay

At 9 a.m. on Saturday, Edgewater residents woke up to a roaring boom and shaking walls. Some tumbled out of bed. Others grabbed their phones, ready to call police.

The explosion wasn't terrorism or a terrible accident, though — it was yet another building demolition making way for a new luxury condo tower. But this blast has residents and activists up in arms amid allegations that neighbors weren't properly warned and that the demolition shot trash into environmentally sensitive Biscayne Bay.

“You’re not allowed to shovel anything into the bay, let alone a demolition of this size,” says Ken Russell, a city commission candidate running for District 2's seat in next week's election. “The bay is all we got as a community. If that ecosystem is disrupted it’ll impact our future environmentally, but also economically.”

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