Miami Herald

Nine qualify to run for Miami commissioner Sarnoff’s seat

On paper, Miami’s District 2 commissioner is just one of five elected officials with a vote on what happens in the city and how the government spends the public’s money. But in his nine years in office, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has elevated the position into a nexus for city government through which some of Miami’s most important deals, policies and projects are either brokered or broken.

And in less than two months, voters decide who will take his place.

Sarnoff will step down at the end of the year from the seat he has held since 2006 because of term limits. On Saturday evening, the window to qualify to run for his seat closed. Nine candidates — including Sarnoff’s wife — made the cut.

Her opponents, however, have attacked her as an unqualified proxy for her husband. Solares and Russell have already run commercials blaming the Sarnoffs for Miami’s traffic woes and “over-development,” though on issues like public safety and transportation, many of their positions are similar to those held by the incumbent.

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