Miami Herald

Miami will still vote in District 2 race

by Joey Flechas and David Smiley

In Miami, voters from Coconut Grove to Morningside will choose a new District 2 commissioner, although the election's outcome has already been determined after Teresa Sarnoff withdrew last week, leaving Ken Russell as the only candidate still in the running. The city says votes for Sarnoff won't count, but law requires that the election must be held. Russell will succeed Sarnoff’s husband, term-limited Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

Polls will be open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters can find sample ballots, poll locations and other election information at

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Blog: Only In Miami

Miami Election Tomorrow, Voters Should Hit Polls

by Grant Stern

Ken Russell is a first time politician and underdog candidate for Miami’s influential District 2 Commissioner’s seat.

Now Russell’s left fighting a local political machine to the end with lawyers and memos instead of just the usual campaigning for votes – which he’s been doing cheerily under the stressful circumstances.

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el Nuevo Herald

SABINA COVO: The odd choice of Russell vs.Russell

District 2 of the city of Miami is one of the most important at this time. All districts are important. But this particular one is leaving a lot of money in the city, and needs a lot of planning, analysis and approval or disapproval of relevant changes that are occurring. There are about 18 new skyscrapers in the district and is expected to come more than five. Giant buildings, condominium prices up $ 750.000. Imagine that is on property tax! Not to mention the necessary (police, firefighters, etc.) planning. To accommodate all these people.

If you are as confused as I am with this situation or my article, be sure to pay close attention to this election on Tuesday. (If that is done, there is nothing written in stone). For now, if you planned to vote, get out and vote, that if people do not leave because of the confusion that has been the surprise reaction Teresa Sarnoff, who wanted so much to be commissioned, but it does not want, will be worse. Strategies side policies?

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Miami Herald

Russell’s rejection of $77,000 a window into hectic week after Miami election

by David Smiley

For Ken Russell, it was a whirlwind 72 hours.

First, the underdog candidate emerged from a Nov. 3 general election as the heavy favorite to win the city’s powerful District 2 commission seat. Then, his phone began to ring off the hook with requests for interviews and meetings, to the point he simply bought a new phone.

And finally, after his lone remaining opponent dropped out of the race, the money poured in, much of it solicited by Commissioner Francis Suarez, Commissioner Frank Carollo and Mayor Tomás Regalado. In just a matter of days, Russell, suddenly Miami’s most popular politician, had nearly doubled what he’d raised in eight months.

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Blog: Engage Miami

Starting Anew in D2

by Leah Weston

The bottom line: this upcoming Tuesday, November 17th, a runoff election will take place between Ken Russell and Teresa Sarnoff for the District 2 seat! We believe it is crucial for District 2 residents to participate in this election, as the legal status of the votes still remains unclear. Although prior court decisions guided the City Attorney’s legal opinion, the fact remains that this particular situation has not been tested in court. If you haven’t sent in an absentee ballot, take a few minutes and show up to your polling place on Tuesday. The mere the act of showing up announces our generation’s commitment to paying attention and participating in our city’s future. Democracy is counting on you. (No pressure).

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