Ken Russell Receives Important Endorsement | Clean Up Miami

Article from the Coconut Grove Grapevine on March 17, 2015. Ken Russell, who is running for the District 2 Commission seat, has received his...


Race to Replace Sarnoff Heats Up as Park Activist Ken Russell Joins the Fray

Of the City of Miami's five commission districts, it's District 2 that wields ... “It's turning into a total circus,” says Ken Russell, who joined the race...


Seventh Candidate files in Miami’s District 2 | Naked Politics

Yet another candidate has filed to run for Miami's District 2 commission seat. Ken Russell, the South Grove resident who fought the city over its


Ken Russell Running for District 2 Commission Seat

Ken Russell running for District 2 Commission seat ... in District 2 to replace [ allegedly] corrupt Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff, ... Federal Reserve millionaires and other big special interests, or the City Hall clowns here.


When Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff Lied To My Face

I received a call from Deputy City Manager Alice Bravo confirming ... see that Ken Russell has helpfully posted the minutes of the July 24, ... This District 2 race is shaping up to be a lot of fun for the Not Now Silly Newsroom.


Commissioner Sarnoff: Toxic Soil at Merrie Christmas Park Will Be Removed Soon

Race to Replace Sarnoff Heats Up as Park Activist Ken Russell Joins the Fray ... A section of Merrie Christmas was closed last September after 


Who is looking out for the little peoples of Miami?

At the July 24th City Commission meeting, the Commissioners, without ... the final indignity, and prompted by Ken Russell, a homeowner with small .... the poor Black part of District 2, and the poorer parts of District 3 and 4 be


Community concerned over methods removing Merrie Christmas Park's toxic soil

City closed park after soil samples uncovered concentrations of arsenic, barium, copper, iron, lead


City backs off plans to bury toxic soil at merrie christmas park after public outcry

We all just flipped out," Ken Russell, who lives across the street from Merrie Christmas, tells Riptide. See also: City Quietly Labels Toxic Parks


Ken Russell CBS Miami | Miami asks gables to help pay for toxic park cleanup

After a group of concerned Miami citizens protested the city's plan to clean up one of its parks with toxic soil, the city is now asking Coral Gables to help pay for


Merrie Christmas Park Meeting


Miami parks contamination cleanup funded- Miami Today

In their last action before adjourning at 12:35 a.m. Tuesday, Miami city ... Ken Russell, who lives across the street from Merrie Christmas Park 


Residents of Merrie Christmas Park say they 'want a cleanup, not a cover up'

Efforts to clean up arsenic, barium, copper, iron, and lead are underway